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Days Without End, a novel set in the 1850s, tells the story of two Irish soldiers who go to fight in the US. The Dublin-born author and playwright was inspired to write about the gay relationship at the heart of the story after his youngest son came out. The 61-year-old, who receives 30,000, won the same accolade in 2008 with The Secret Scripture. Prof Kate Williams, who chaired the judging panel, described the book as "a searing, magnificent and incredibly moving description of how the West was won". 'Crazy happy' Accepting his latest prize on Tuesday evening, Barry said: "You nearly had the first instance of a posthumous winner, I got such a fright. "On this occasion any of these amazing, amazing books could have won, leaving aside my own. "I do want to thank the judges - you've made me crazy happy from the top of my head to my toes, in a way that is a little bit improper at 61." Immediately after his win, Barry got in contact with his son Toby, to whom the book is dedicated, via Skype. "I couldn't hear a word he was saying, but the glowing happy face of your son is an award in itself," he said. Image copyright PA Image caption Author and historian Prof Kate Williams chaired the judging panel He told the BBC: "As a father, I'm trying to mobilise the world to stop being in any way prejudiced to people who are gay... they should be revered and emulated rather than in any way made to feel unhappy." He recalled how Toby, after reading the book, had said: "You're not gay dad, but you're an ally - and I like your book!" 'Blown away' Prof Williams said the decision to award Barry's book the prize had been unanimous. "We as judges were absolutely blown away by this book," she said.