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Dodgers' hope for Cody Bellinger: No Maas

There are Dave Hostetler and Mike Jacobs, who had short careers that did not include an All-Star appearance. And then there is Kevin Maas, whose name is still spoken in hushed tones by New York Yankees fans. Whenever a young player there starts pumping home runs — Gary Sanchez last year, Aaron Judge this year — the cautionary whispers circulate immediately among the Yankees faithful: remember Kevin Maas. For the Yankees, it was the worst of times. The New York Mets had won the World Series in 1986, and four years later their star-studded cast still included Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden and David Cone. The Yankees, ruined by impulsive signings and trades, lost to the Dodgers in the 1981 World Series and would not get back to the playoffs until 1995. In 1990, the Yankees finished in last place for the first time in 24 years and the second time in 78 years. Maas showed up at the end of June, and the home runs started flying. “The next great star was on the scene,” said Lyle Spencer, then the New York columnist for the National Sports Daily. “Any time a guy explodes on the scene in New York, it’s bigger than big.” Maas dominated the back pages of the New York tabloids. GQ magazine invited him to pose for a feature with other sports celebrities.

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But the times had made them a subject of interest. Jules Feiffer's seminal illustrated essay "The Great Comic Book Heroes" was published in 1965, Susan Sontag's "Notes on Camp" the year before. Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol took comic-strip images and blew them up on canvas. "Batman," which premiered on ABC in 1966, was the most successful expression of a cultural wave that also produced the CBS sitcom "Mr. Terrific," NBC's "Captain Nice" and the Broadway musical, "It's a Bird... It's a Plane… It's Superman." It’s a comedy that presents itself as a drama — indeed, it may be the first television comedy to come without a laugh track, and it has a visual formality unusual for the time. There are winks and nods and jokes aplenty, but they are played straight. West, especially, underplays his part — this approach did set a template for his successors — pitching his voice low, rarely breaking a sweat. He is not uncomplicated; he has regrets, and his attraction to Catwoman (played variously by Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt and Lee Meriwether) crossed some line. But, like most contemporary superheroes, there was nothing pathological in his goodness. West was nearing 40 when he took on the role, and that he is a little worn and seasoned is all to the good.

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